Welcome to my blog! Over the last decade I’ve had the opportunity to work full-time in the field of church planting. Our family moved back to Memphis in August of 2011 to plant Mercy Hill Church in Midtown Memphis.  Our vision is to make disciples who make disciples. We do this primarily through Missional Communities.  These groups do life together as a spiritual family on mission.

  • (FAMILY) a committed core of believers
  • (MISSIONARIES) living out the mission of God together
  • (SERVANTS) demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms & declaring it to a particular people group or specific area
  • LEARNERS) both to those who believe & to those who are being exposed to the gospel.

Recently I heard Dallas Willard describe his life in a way that I hope might sum up my own. “My work is to teach the teachings of Jesus and to live them.” This happens in the natural rhythms of my life, but first & foremost as I love my wife, lead our family and disciple our 3 boys!

My calling and life cannot be separated. They are one in the same. I am a disciple of Jesus. And my mission is to teach others to walk in the way of the Kingdom as I continue this journey of faith. My hope in blogging is to share ideas I am learning as we set out to plant the Gospel in Midtown Memphis.

In my blog I’ll post family updates, news, & ideas from time to time.  But most of all I hope to post ideas to help you to become a better disciple and a disciple maker!  I’ll share what I’ve experienced as my parents and others discipled me.  Then let you know what we are currently doing in our home to disciple our kids. Finally I’ll share relevant ideas for discipling adults and helping them to grow deeper and closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  This will reflect current activites we are exploring and utilizing in our new faith community in Memphis.

Jesus had a really interesting strategy for bringing the Kingdom of God into the world.  He gathered a rag tag group of passionate yahoos and said, “come & see.”  This little band of young men (probably around the age of 15) followed, lived, and learned over the course of about 42 months.  It was a wild ride!  They many times didn’t get it.  But they were his “talmidim” (Hebrew for “disciples”).  And they were all He had!

At times it seems like discipleship is slow and uneventful.  We often wonder if anything is happening.  But over time, we see God use the key components of GRACE, TRUTH, and TIME to radically change our hearts and lives!

Check back on my blog from time to time.  I’ll be posting different insights and ideas sharing how the ancient practice of discipleship is still relevant, vibrant, and necessary today! The older I get, the more I realize that incarnational, life on life, discipleship is the way of the Kingdom & The Mission we were left to accomplish. So it only makes sense that in this mission we would find great purpose and joy as we follow Jesus & teach others to do the same.