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Killing Excuses

Maybe you’re like me. You want to read, you like to read, you even carry books around with you…but you struggle to find the time to read. Or at least that’s our excuse.

Two quick ways to kill excuses & start ploughing through some material in the next month.

  1. Commit to reading small amounts over long periods of time. Did you know you can easily read the entire New Testament in a year by only reading 1 chapter a day?! Yes you read that correctly. All the N.T. in one year by reading one chapter a day & you only have to read 5 days a week. Imagine that! You may not be an entire Bible in a year kind of guy or gal, but one chapter a day is doable for all of us. Here’s a reading plan that proves it just in case you don’t believe me:
  2.  Make reading time an appointment on your calendar. Did you know The average American can read 20 / 250 page books in a year by simply reading 30 minutes a day. We don’t read because we expect to “get it in” along with all the other busy tasks that hit us in a given day. The problem is that reading will ALWAYS get pushed off the calendar because it’s not URGENT. In order to read we must prepare in advance. I like to schedule a 30 minute appointment with a book just like I do with a person. It goes on my calendar along with a time & location & gets marked IMPORTANT just like appointments with other people.

I’m realizing more & more that my lack of study & reading isn’t a problem with my schedule, my tasks or my job. I like to blame all those things. But, it’s really my lack of discipline to make it a priority, calendar it, & follow through.

Maybe you can’t read at work. Consider making a commitment to read 15 minutes a day before looking at Facebook or watching TV. I know, sounds ridiculous! But consider the amount of time we spend needlessly surfing Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, ESPN, and the list goes on & on.

So get off this post & make a commitment to sharpen your mind. Calendar it, make a small commitment, and read!  Like I tell my kids, leaders are readers & readers are leaders. I’m not sure which comes first, but I know good leaders never stop learning.  That means they never stop reading!