Archive - March, 2011

New Worship Music

When was the last time you downloaded an entire worship album for FREE & it was actually worth listening to? Click on the link below to download an old worship album (2006) from The Village Church.  The Village Church – Worship & Music

You can download their new worship album beginning tomorrow!  God of Victory

Finally, listen to “Glorious Day” (below). I’m hoping this will be one of the songs we choose to sing on Easter at Green Hills Church!


What Is the Gospel? – John Piper

3 minutes every Christian should watch! Discussed this video yesterday with my discipleship guys as we talked through “The Gospel Call” & “Regeneration.”

What Is the Gospel?
1. A Plan – from eternity
2. An Event – in history; Christ died
3. An Achievement – sins paid for & righteousness completed
4. An Offer – extended to the world that is free
5. An Application – through faith we are forgiven & justified
6. God – 1 Peter 3:18; God is our treasure; God is our end; my forgiveness & going to heaven, is not the end. Being satisfied in Him, being with Him, worshiping Him…God is the End!

My how this matters – it means everything!