Archive - September, 2010

Sometimes God Races Across the Clouds…

We started the adoption process in January but really got serious about the paper work in February.

June 16 we received a phone call that all our paperwork was accepted & that we were on a long waiting list.

THREE HOURS LATER we received a phone call that we were no longer waiting but that we had a new son. It wasn’t official yet, but we knew God was in it.

LESS THAN 3 MONTHS LATER we’ve made two trips to Ethiopia, to go to court & now to bring Yohannes home!

Today I sit back in amazement of all that God has done. Our family is no longer 4 but now 5. How did we add a son faster than it takes for natural pregnancy to occur?!? How did we raise $30,000 in less than 9 months?!?

There’s no other explanation than the simple answer that God did it! No other explanation than God wanted this little one home. And home in a hurry!

Sometimes God’s timing seems so slow. But God always knows best. Today I’m resting in the LOVE OF A FATHER who sometimes decides it’s in His little one’s interest to RACE ACROSS THE CLOUDS!


This is God’s desire! To build a family. Not just physical…because what we experience in adoption is a small glimmer of what God brings about through spiritual community and the church – the body of Christ. That spiritual family in which we become BROTHERS, SISTERS, AND HEIRS WITH JESUS CHRIST of the spiritual blessings that await us as we live in the love of the Father.

Our family will never be the same. We are living in the joy of the Lord as we see Him bring us closer together. Today we experience in a very small way the joy that we will experience one day in eternity.  That day when we are all truly home, experiencing eternal life in heaven with our forever family!