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Scripture Memorization


Sometimes it’s easy to pretend that certain verses aren’t really in the Bible.  Just this morning I came across a verse in 1 John 2:15, “Do not love the world or anything in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”  That’s a really tough verse to live by…but an important one!  I’m beginning to remember the importance of memorizing scripture.  I did it a lot when I was young, but somehow as an adult I’ve gotten too busy so it seems.  

Over the last few months I’ve started leading my kids to memorize scripture.  We typically run through a couple of verses before they go to bed.  Sometimes I quote them while I help them brush their teeth or occasionally while they are laying in bed getting ready to turn the lights out.  We’ve even worked on them on the way to school in the mornings.         


A few weeks ago I printed some verses out and hung them in Riley & Cole’s room.  They are there on the wall by their Star Wars Posters.  I’ve been encouraged as they’ve actually asked if they can work on a Bible verse several nights before going to bed.  Just this last week Cole was quoting John 3:16 and half way through the verse said, “I believe…so that means I have eternal life.”  Cole is only 5!  I’m amazed at the power God’s word has to change our hearts & lives!

This year I’m going to try to memorize more scripture again.  I’ve made some “old school” memory verse cards that I carry around with me and review in the car from time to time.  

I realize that memorizing God’s word doesn’t equal a changed heart.  David said in Psalm 119:11, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  Memorizing is only the first step.  To truly “hide God’s word in my heart,” I must meditate on it and actually apply it to life.  That happens through the Holy Spirit bringing the word of God to my mind in specific occasions when God is calling me to change and to live according to His way of life.  

I’m excited to see how God will direct my heart and life this next year as I make an effort to meditate & apply his word to my daily life!

Less TV more games!

So right before Christmas I had two random phone calls from different friends. In a single weekend my garage went from empty to full. I am now the proud owner of a full size air hockey table (96 inches long) and a super nice ping pong table. Fortunately the ping pong table folds so we can still get one car in the garage.


Needless to say we are spending a lot more time in the garage these days. The staff guys from church were over late this afternoon breaking the ping pong table in. Nothing like a little ping pong to end a long Monday coming off a busy Sunday at church!

Hopefully these games along with some board games the boys received at Christmas will translate into a little less TV and a little more family interaction. By the way, I still highly recommend “trouble” & “connect 4,” two great games we’ve been playing this last week.


images-1Reading Prince Caspian is still going well! We have finished about half of the book. We are also working on memorizing Bible verses. More on that later this week in another post.

I hope we are able to spend a little more time together as a family this year and a little less time in front of the TV. Now don’t get me wrong, we aren’t ready to give up Spider Man on Saturday morning or anything. But we are trying to see the TV as a special treat, not as much a normal part of our diet. Hope you have a GREAT year! Anyone reading, I’d love to hear any goals you’ve set for yourself this new year???