Archive - December, 2008

Family Discipleship – Prince Caspian!


Life seems to fly these days!  Sometimes it can be really difficult for Katie & me to spend quality time with our boys.  Too often the television is on, a cell phone is ringing, or email is calling.

We’ve started a new practice at the Dunlap house.  From now until Christmas we are going to take available nights (probably 4 or 5 times a week) to read together.  Riley & Cole are 7 & 5 so they loved “The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe” when it came out.  We’ve started reading a chapter of “Prince Caspian” together as a family.  

I like this because it engages their imaginations.  Television seems to create crankiness and disrespectful attitudes the longer kids watch it.  How many times have you heard kids turn off the TV after watching for a couple of hours straight and utter the inevitable phrase…”I’m bored!”  

Reading together causes them to sit quietly, listen, and engage creatively and imaginatively with the story. When Cole came down this morning for breakfast he walked over to the “Prince Caspian” book we had sitting out on the end table and said, “I can’t wait until we get into the main part of the story!”  He opened it up and started looking for pictures to see what will happen next.  They’ve already asked if we can read again tonight.  

I’m looking forward to reading between now and Christmas.  I think we are going to pause on reading Bible stories at night and concentrate a little more on scripture memory.  But more on that in a later post…

Remember, discipleship isn’t about having the perfect plan.  However, discipleship does involve having a plan and working it.  What are some things you’ve done or are currently doing in your family to disciple your kids?