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Bogota_Day 4 & 5

our team has had a very busy yet rewarding week.  sorry i missed blogging yesterday.  i was wiped out last night and spent 30 minutes video chatting with my wife, which was wonderful!

here’s a list of a few of the things we done over the last two days in no certain order:

  • gotten soaked b/c it’s the rainy season here (it actually hailed today)
  • prepped and painted the 4 upstairs classrooms above the auditorium
  • sanded and got covered in sheet rock mud; painted more
  • hauled the huge pile of wood from the wall we deconstructed, to the curb
  • sifted & pulled up more buckets of sand (my favorite…j/k)
  • unloaded construction supplies & bought many more throughout the neighborhood shops
  • went shopping at “home center” – police glanced in cars on our way in for explosives
  • bought a choco-roma (spelling??) taste a little like a “moon pie” but better
  • eaten amazing lunches & snacks (all different types of Colombian food)
  • heard stories of church members who we serve with and how they came to follow Christ
  • made thrift store racks out of pipe that we ordered at the local pipe shop
  • sorted & tagged 250 lbs of clothing for the thrift store 
  • passed out flyers for the new neighborhood paper that Jorge is planning to introduce
  • lots of ping pong, frisbee, and playing ball in the street with local kids and children from the nearby orphanage.  also hung out & played ping pong with sebastian who is a senior and planning to study electrical engineering.  he was waiting about an hour for his brother to get home with the key to the apartment.  he lives right beside jorge & ginny.  pray i get a chance to hang with him again and invite him to church on sunday! 

the list goes on and on.  every moment of the day is busy with activities & people & food.  we have eaten amazing new foods and drank amazing juices.  every thing we do seems to be a new experience.  the neighborhood here is truly unusual.  little shops with everything you can imagine.  there is almost no need to leave the neighborhood for anything.

last night we had a great experience.  a family from the church invited us over for dinner (which is a smaller meal here.  lunch is the big meal of the day.)  the husband worked for microsoft & sales to distributors.  we had a great time getting to know them and hearing about how GOD has made an amazing difference in their lives and in their family.  

bogota is truly a great city & they even have sweet tea here!  if you are reading this, just go ahead and begin making plans…i hope green hills church gets to come back very soon!  

until next time…

Bogota_Day4_Putting Up a Wall


Yesterday we took a wall down!  Today we put a new wall up!


Robert & I spent lots of time sifting sand for mortar mix.


Finally, we had to get the sand to the 2nd floor…killer on the back!

All in a good days work!  Oh yea, yesterday I forgot to tell about the Bogota experience of following Jorge around the neighborhood on bicycles.  It’s crazy!  We ran red lights, almost got hit by cars, were honked at several times.  Everywhere you go there are people & cars and no one stops…ever!  Today Andres (a local) got hit by a taxi on Jorge’s bike and the front tire was bent pretty bad but no one was hurt.

The ladies worked hard today folding & sorting clothes to get the thrift store up & running.  There is still more work to be done but they made great progress.  Jorge had the chance to make a spiritual connection with one of the vendors we are using to make clothes racks for the thrift store.  I noticed him yesterday as being very open and nice as we talked with him about creating hanging racks out of metal pipes.  He was at the church today helping us put the racks together and said he would be back on a Sunday to visit!  That was great!  More to come…

Bogota_Day3_Tearing Down a Wall

We arrived at the church around 7AM, had breakfast & got to work.  Our team took down the far wall in the auditorium.  


Demo is always fun for the first 10 minutes but the next few hours was a lot of work.  All went well for the most part.  Only minor injuries to a couple of people and a water coupling that had to be replaced thanks to Robert & me.  


We finished the demo work by 11AM and spent a good portion of the rest of the day working on projects such as the church thrift store, etc.  We finished the day out hanging out with kids in the neighborhood before heading over to a fabulous restaurant called “crepes & waffles.”  You’ve got to come to Colombia just to check it out!  More later…

Bogota, Colombia!


Our team made it into Bogota last night around 10PM.  We’ve had a wonderful day worshiping & sightseeing.  I was scared I might not make it on the trip.  Thanks so much to several of you who have lifted me up in prayer.   I had a bad virus Thursday evening & all day Friday leading up to the trip.  I am well now!  

I was encouraged when I walked into Riley & Cole’s bedroom on Friday night.  I told them I was still planning to travel if I was well enough.  Cole, my 5 year old, instantly said, “we need to pray that God will make you better.”  So he did.  It was a very touching moment to see the simple faith at work in my little boy.  I am thankful for his prayer and many others!  God still answers prayers!